Watering Instructions for Trees

Not sure when to water your tree? Check out Allied Nursery’s Watering Instructions for Trees

Thorough but infrequent watering is recommended. DO NOT WATER trees and shrubs daily. Typically 2-3 times a week if not rain. (Note: evergreens require less water than deciduous trees. Overwatered evergreens will quickly brown and die if sitting in water)

  • Water deeply then let the water soak in to encourage roots to grow deeper into the soil. This is best accomplished by watering on a slow trickle. This is best accomplished by watering on a slow trickle for 30 minutes for smaller trees and evergreens. 45 minutes for 3” trees or larger. If it gets sloppy or muddy you are watering too fast. Do not water the leaves. Avoid the use of a sprinkler. Hoses or water bag is recommended.
  • Place the hose within the drip line of the tree. The objective is to water the root system.
  • Continue to monitor the water nightly. Using a probe, place it into the soil ear the depth of the root ball. If it is dry and hard, watering is appropriate. If it comes out muddy, do not water.
  • Monitoring and watering should be done for the first year up till the first frost.
  • For questions, please contact us at 815-722-2280 or visit our website where these instructions will be accessible www.alliednursery.com
watering instructions for trees