What People are Saying!

 Kristi and her crew were an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only were they detail oriented and efficient, they also took the time to listen and adjust things per my liking. Would recommend everybody I know to Allied.

Adam Monee IL

Our experience with Allied Nursery has been the VERY BEST. We built our house in 017. We had Allied out to seed our yard and had Kristi come out and design the most BEAUTIFUL landscaping. We have since added three more areas of landscaping, and each time, Kristi comes out and something even more incredible than the last. We also use Allied Nursery for our fall and spring clean ups. The crews are always so professional! We just love Allied Nursery! We recommend them. The Best in the area!

Angie Minooka IL


We moved into a new home last summer and the landscape was a disaster. We started looking for landscapers back in April and talked to a few prior to calling Allied. We drive by your site all the time heading back to Channahon, and during the fall I admired the burning bushes you had out in front. We stopped and looked at them but weren’t ready to pull the trigger on the project. So we called back in May I believe and Kristi came out. She seemed to be the only one that was listening to our requests. We are getting older and didn’t want a lot of upkeep but didn’t want boring either. After a few changes, we settled on a plan. The only bad part of it all was waiting for the install. Which is understandable in these times. I waited 7 months for a couch, this was quick by comparison. lol

We love the end product and can’t wait to see it fill in. I will definitely recommend Allied.

Debbie Manhattan IL

I contacted Allied Nursery for a landscaping makeover. I had Kristi come out for an on-site consultation. She was very thoughtful with her own ideas and receiving to any ideas I had. We walked around the property and she took photos. We discussed what could be done in certain areas. Kristi got back to me within the week with the plans drawn up. The plans were great and we scheduled a date a few weeks out. I had a lot of work that needed to be done. The front, back, and side yards were all getting redone. Allied had the entire job done in one day. Shrubs, trees, rocks, and cement blocks were hauled away. Sod, mulch, and new shrubs and trees were planted. Everything looked great. Then I decided to get a pool and messed up everything. Kristi and the team at Allied Nursery were there for my needs. I called Kristi and she came out. Allied Nursery fixed and leveled the yard as well as added a border around the pool. I then decided to update the backyard again with a different fence and in doing so, some of the existing landscaping no longer made sense. Now I wanted to put in a putting green on the side yard. I called Kristi once again and she came out. She and the Allied Nursery team made everything come together. Thanks to Kristi and Allied Nursery, my landscaping is the best in the subdivision. I have received many compliments from my neighbors. I would recommend Allied Nursery to anybody for their landscaping needs.

Alex Plainfield IL

In my opinion there are three stages to having landscaping done @ home:

All scores are based on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the highest.

Stage 1: Planning, layout, and interface with the nursery expert. Kristi was a 10 in this area. She took the time to work with me on layout and the type of plants that would work best in my yard. She kept plants that flower at various times in mind as well as plants that would be hearty and survive and thrive.

Stage 2: Actual planting and execution. Kristi and the foreman were a 9 in this area. The crew followed the plan drawn up by Kristi and did a great job with actual spacing and planting. I gave a 9 because the job was delayed a week because of weather and other jobs being pushed back.

Stage 3: Follow up. Kristi was a 10 in this area. Of course when planting a job of this magnitude there can be a few hangups with the plants that were sent based on the plans. There were a couple missing plants that Kristi quickly rectified with the correct ones.

In closing I just want to mention that my dad was the head designer at another nursery for years prior to his passing, so I am very knowledgeable with landscaping, planting, plants, etc. In my opinion, Kristi does as good of a job as most anyone I’ve been exposed to in this line of work. Thanks again!

Pete and Dee Mokena IL

We wanted to take an opportunity to acknowledge Kristi and Allied landscaping for the phenomenal work that they do for their customers! My husband and I have used their services for several homes and we have been extremely pleased with the outcome. We have also recommended them to several friends of ours. Kristi is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to transform your yard into a show place for everyone to admire! Allied staff is hard-working and very polite. We would not hesitate to call on her again in any future work that we need!

Debbie and John Shorewood IL