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Allied Nursery

Growing beautiful trees of all species is an investment in time and resources, but it is worth it, as we get to harvest top quality trees for our customers. It is not a matter of nature taking its course, but careful guidance from our nursery production staff; from a “baby” tree to a specimen tree for the home landscape.  Allied Nursery purchases their liner stock, as baby trees are called in the industry from established and certified growers. This ensures they are of the best quality, confirmed tree species, and disease free. We select only the best cultivars of the species to produce the best results.

Once delivered our nursery production team goes into action, planting and staking the trees so that strong straight trunks are produced. Careful attention and constant maintenance are required. Watering during the hot summer months, fertilizing on a pre-determined schedule, monitoring for pests or disease, and pruning is required. Each tree species grows at a different rate, different water requirements are needed as well as “shaping” the tree for correct branching.

We grow only those species of trees that are hardy for our climate and soil conditions. Oaks, maples, elms, birch, crabapple, and redbud are just a sample of the many species planted in our fields.

After several years of care, they are ready to be dug from the field.  Our nursery manager inspects each tree for specimen quality prior to tagging it for digging. The trees are carefully handled throughout the process to minimize shock.        

It is only then that the trees are brought into the retail yard for sale. Once placed in our retail yard they continue to be monitored and irrigated daily.  We are proud of our trees and have great satisfaction in showing them to you.

Customers are always welcome to personally review our nursery stock in the field or in the retail yard and choose your favorite. We dig smaller caliper trees that homeowners can plant themselves to larger caliper trees that require machinery to plant. Whichever route you choose you are ensured a viable and vigorous tree. Planting instructions, watering instructions, and starter fertilizer are offered so that your tree stays the envy of your neighborhood. Our knowledge on your trees’ care is always available to you.

Customers may tag in the field during the digging season, which is early spring and fall. Summer digging is not recommended. Please note that some species of trees can only be dug in the spring. Field tagging is by appointment only with a member of our staff accompanying you.

Stop in and choose yours today.

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