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How to Water Seed and Sod

How to Water Seed and Sod

Watering Instructions for Sod

Water daily soak the sod until it is mushy when stepped on. Sod should be watered for approximately two weeks or until rooted. To check if it is rooted try pulling up roll. Soaker hoses work great. If the edges of the sod or the joints begin to appear watering is insufficient and increase water.

Watering Instructions for Seed

Keep seed blanket moist but not soaked. Water daily, when water begins to puddle quit watering. Germination should occur within 3 weeks in warm weather. You do not have to remove the blanket. It will decompose. Mowing of new seed areas is done when the grass reaches 4” tall. Cut high. After the winter, due to freeze and thaw some staples may rise above the ground. Please check for staples prior to your first mowing the following spring.

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