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Caring for Shrub Roses

Caring for Shrub Roses

Culture: Roses require at least 6 hours of sunlight for maximum bloom and growth. Plant in a well- drained area. Roses like to remain moist but not soaked. It is advisable to mulch 3” depth with organic mulch. Be sure to water weekly in times of drought for maximum blooming. To minimize any fungal issues on the leaves, be sure to water at the base on a slow trickle for 10 minutes.

Fertilizing: the first year a starter fertilizer is recommended upon planting, and one month afterward. In subsequent years a slow release granular fertilizer is recommended. Fertilizing should be done in spring, but no later than July.

How to Prune Shrub Roses

Pruning encourages new growth and blooms, improves air circulation to prevent fungal issues, and shapes the plant. Always prune any dead or diseased branching immediately. Always be sure to clean your pruners with rubbing alcohol afterwards.

The first two years practice only basic pruning. Look for branches that look dry, shriveled or black. Remove any twiggy or weak stems that are thinner than a pencil. Shrub roses bloom on mature but not woody stems. Prune your roses in the spring, when forsythia are blooming. Year three: remove 1/3 of the oldest canes in addition to any dead or diseased branching. Remove canes from the base or center of plant to improve air circulation. Shape as needed.

caring for shrub roses

Diseases and Insects:
Typically the only insects are aphids and Japanese Beetles. To control aphids and insecticidal soap can be used. For Japanese beetles, which appear in June to July, an insecticidal soap, Sevin, or chemical spray is effective. Fungus issues include black spot and powdery mildew, which can be minimized by good pruning, or can be treated with a 3-1 fungicide spray.

Allied Nursery sells Bayer Rose and Flower Care which is a 3-1 product. It is a systemic liquid that is poured at the base of the plant. It fertilizes and controls insects and diseases. It is year long.

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