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Seeds and Fertilizers


Seeding Rates

Newly seeded lawns  7-10 lbs/ per 1000 square feet

Overseeding and Patching of Established lawns – 5-7 lbs. / per 1000 square feet

  • All Purpose Grass Seed – specially blended for Allied Nursery and Garden center, this seed contains 50% bluegrass for a lush green lawn with rye and fescue for blend for a lawn that stays green during the hot summer months.
    Sun to Partial Shade
    Available in 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 25 lbs. and 50 lbs. bags
  • Shady Seed Mix – 40% bluegrass with rye and fescue. Very shade tolerant and adaptable to a range of soil conditions. Will transition from deep shade to partial sun.
    Available in a 5 lb. bag
  • Contractor’s Mix – 25% bluegrass remaining rye and fescue. Very adaptable to all soil types. Perfect for construction repair, right of ways, and any disturbed turf areas.
    Available in a 50 lb. bag


lawn fertilizer
  • Max Lawn Starter Fertilizer
    A boost for helping to establish newly seeded lawns. Apply initially after seeding.
    16 lb. bag
  • 19-19-19
    A boost for helping to establish newly seeded lawns. Apply initially after seeding.
    50 lb. bag
  • 14-14-14
    A general all-purpose fertilizer for established trees and shrubs.

Existing Lawn 4 Step Program

  • Wait minimum of 6 weeks between each step of fertilization for best results.
  • Prices and formulations subject to change based on availability.
Step 1: April 1st – May 10th

Apply 19-0-2 w/ Prodiamine Crabgrass Preventer provides pre-emergent Crabgrass control as well as some other broadleaf weeds from germinating. For best results have grass short and apply before a soft rain to allow product to go into ground.

50# bag covers 15,000 SF
16# bag covers 5000 SF

Step 2: May 10th – June 10th

Apply 22-0-5 Trimec Weed and Feed for post emergent weed coverage. This is effective on a wide variety of weed species especially dandelions and clover. For best results do not mow prior to application and apply when grass is wet after a rain or dew and it is not to rain within 48 hours of application.

50# bag covers 12,500 SF
16# bag covers 5000 SF

Step 3: July 15th – August 15th

Apply 18-0-2 or 18-0- 3 with 50% organic fertilizer. This premium blend contains a controlled release nitrogen to prevent burning your lawn in hot summer months and extends the feeding of your lawn. 2% Iron for a deep green color.

50# bag covers 12,500 SF

Step 4: September 15th – November 1st

Apply 25-0-6 This formula is a great fall application to help with winter root development.

50# bag cover 10,000 SF


Organic Fertilizers for Lawns

Milorganite – The all purpose, non-burning, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer feeds the plant and soil. Fertilize 4 times a year. 
Hint: if you are going to fertilize once a year, fall is the best time.
32 lbs. per 2,500 sq ft of lawn

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