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Bulk Goods


Sold per CY: 1 cy of mulch will fill a square 3’ x 3’ x 3’ box

For mulch, homeowner is responsible to know the weight capacity of their vehicle or trailer. Must have open bed for loading. No hand loading allowed. Homeowner must provide tarps if needed.

premium hardwood double processed bark

Premium Hardwood
Double Processed Bark

red dyed mulch

Red Dyed Mulch

aromatic cedar

Aromatic Cedar Mulch

natural no dye brown double processed

Natural No Dye Brown Double Processed Mulch

Soil Amendments

planting mix

Planting Mix
(per cubic yard – mixture of sand, mushroom compost, pulverized dirt)

mushroom compost

Mushroom Compost
(per cubic yard)

Pulverized Dirt

pulverized dirt

Pulverized Dirt
(per cubic yard)

Bagged Goods

  • Mississippi Valley Hardwood Mulch
  • Red Dyed Mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Happy Gardener’s Mushroom Compost
  • Potting Soil
  • Fox Farm Potting Soil
  • Happy Gardener’s Potting Mix                           
  • Black and Gold Sphagnum Peat Moss    

We are Growing for You



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