Allied Nursery & Garden Center


Seed and Accessories

Allied All Purpose Seed – specially mixed for sun to shade applications Available in 5 #, 25 # , and 50# bags Contractor’s Mix – available in 50# bags Seeding Accessories – straw bales, straw blanket, and round top staples


4 step existing turf grass lawn program specially formulated for Allied Nursery. See the program handout in our resource library Starter fertilizer for seeding lawns (19-19-19) All -purpose fertilizer for trees and shrubs (14-14-14) Year- long lawn granular fertilizer for existing turf (25-15-10) We carry Bayer and Bonide insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides chemicals


Bulk Goods may be picked up here at the Garden Center. You must have an open bed truck for loading. No hand loading is allowed. Delivery of bulk goods is available. Please call for delivery pricing. No tailgate spreading.

Bagged Goods

  • Happy Gardeners Potting Mix
  • Potting soil
  • Topsoil
  • Mississippi Mud shredded hardwood mulch
  • Red dyed mulch
  • Play sand
  • Fox Farm
  • Happy Frog Potting Soil

Rock Coverage




(western red cedar, play mat, double processed premium mulch, brick red dyed mulch, commercial mulch


See Aggregates

(river rock 3”-5”, 1”-2”, and ¾” , pea gravel, Torpedo Sand (coarse), Mason Sand (fine) Limestone Screenings, 1” bedding stone, CA 6 roadmix)


Granite Boulders

(cobblestone 3”-6”, 8”-12”, 12”-24”)


Decorative Stone

  • Autumn Smoke
  • Large Black Volcanic
  • Grey Slate (chips)
  • Indian Sunset
  • Meramec (large and small)
  • Large Red Volcanic


Soil Amendments

  • Pulverized Dirt available in bulk
  • Mushroom Compost available in bulk
  • Planting Mix Available in Bulk

Hardscape Accessories

  • Edging – professional grade black vinyl edging, and brick snap edging
  • SRW concrete block adhesive
  • Landscape fabric professional grade
  • Unilock paver jointing sand and polymeric sand


Allied Nursery and Garden Center is an authorized Unilock dealer for Unilock products and accessories. Paver and Retaining Wall samples are available for viewing here at the Garden Center. The Unilock Brochure is also available to take home. We carry a variety of cleaners and wet look sealer along with Unilock polymeric and jointing sand. Pavers and retaining walls are purchased on an as order basis as inventory is limited. We can assist you in determining the amount of product needed for your project based on your supplied measurements.

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